Success Factor is important for a company (or) product.Now chantisoft is going to explain the SAP success Factor online access in the following way.

SAP success factors were founded in the year 2001, by Lars Dalgaard where in July 2008, it was completely moved into NYSE (press release). it is an SAP-based suite to provide a cloud-based solution to manage business alignment,  recruitment and learning activities of all the organizations.  It has its services translated into 32 languages and has currently more than 6000 customers with 32 million users in 60 industries across 180 countries.

SAP has several factors. Some of them were discussed below:

Software as a service:  SAP Success Factor is based on HCM solutions and is designed as a Software as a Service (SAAS). This is also known as an on-demand software solution. It has become a delivery mode for many applications like office, payroll processing software, virtualization, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)   and many more.

Integration Add-on: Environments like organizational data, organizational structure, and qualification data are integrated for HCM ERP and Success Factors HCM   allows you to integrate data.   The add –on’s were as follows:

Integration add – on  1.0 for SAP ERP  HCM and Success Factors  Bizx

Integration add – on 2.0 for SAP ERP HCM and Success Factors Bizx

Integration addon on 3.0 for SAP ERP HCM and Success Factors

Platform:   In the platform, there is number of features centered on administration and integration. For example, Integration server center provides the ability to configure and monitor the intelligent service events. It includes event publisher details, subscriber activities and notifications, external event connectors. upgrading to intelligent services is the prerequisite to use ISC. It is a default tool for all intelligent services in the place of event center for all customers.

SAP HCI:  HCI stands for HANA Cloud integration. It allows you to implement various business processes like synchronization. Mapping of business process and message you allows you to integration on Eclipse platform. This toolkit contains features that allow you to develop and configure workflows.

Performance and Availability management:  The advantage of SAP success factor provides the facility to monitor the performance and deviation of the target from the expected people. It allows you to analyze the wide range of reports like weekly and monthly reports as per contract with the service provider.

The common types of reports available are

API Report

Use cases

System availability

Service Availability report

Compensation and Variable Pay: Compensation, variable pay, and Bonus are the part of compensation management that comes under license. These deals are fixed salary paid to the employees

These calculations are based on three  goals :

Individual Goals

Team  Goals

Group Goals